“The Learnings” Watervale Riesling 2021


“The Learnings” Riesling is sourced from the St Clare Gardens “Honey Home Block” which is about 1.5 Km NE of the Watervale (WV) township at 400m elevation. The vines were planted on their own roots in 2002 on beautiful deep, red loam over limestone and red clay – classic “terra rossa” soil.

The vines are planted in an East West orientation at 2m vine spacing and 3 metre row spacing (1666 vines ha) and are trained to the VSP system.

Typically the wine produced from this vineyard is quite aromatic displaying citrus blossom and kaffir lime and has a full flavoured, almost tropical fruit presence on the palate that is tempered by crisp acidity and talc-like textural aspects.

It drinks well from day one, but is no slouch in the cellar either. With 5-7 years bottle age the wine will develop the classic WV Riesling toast and honey-like characters that lovers of aged Riesling covet.

I have been involved in the making of Watervale Riesling since 1980 and in that time I have learnt a lot of things along the way. I love that I can apply those learnings to this beautiful parcel of single vineyard fruit.


$213.60 / 6 bottles ($35.60/bottle, 5% discount applied in cart)
$405.00 / 12 bottles ($33.75/bottle, 10% discount applied in cart)